pH Laboratories

Sun Care Ritual Kit with Baia Delle Zagare Summer Bag

In contact with chlorine, sand, saltiness and constantly exposed to the sun’s rays and wind, in the summer the hair needs even more dedicated care so as not to compromise its beauty. Dehydrated and unprotected hair tends to weaken, break and lose shine.  with aloe vera and tulip extract, devoid of ingredients of animal origin, ph sun care protects from environmental agents, hydrates, nurtures and detangles the hair preventing dullness and leaving it healthy, soft and scented. 

After Sun Shampoo 250ml
after sun shampoo, enriched with aloe vera and tulip extract. Ideal for frequent washing. Gently cleanses and removes residues of salt and chlorine. Hydrates dull dehydrated hair, making it healthy, bouncy and scented. 

After Sun Conditioner 250ml
after sun conditioner, enriched with aloe vera and tulip extract. Detangles and hydrates hair which is stressed by sun exposure, saltiness and chlorine, making it healthy and scented. Protects the hair from both natural and artificial colour fading.

Anti-Frizz Sun Oil 100ml
anti-frizz sun oil, enriched with aloe vera and tulip extract. Detangles the hair, avoiding the formation of split ends and tangles. Protects hair from dryness due to sun exposure, saltiness and chlorine leaving it soft, shiny and scented.