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Our mission here at Sayn Beauty Pro is to offer our salon and spa partners an unparalleled customer experience.

• Quick & Easy Online Ordering
• Orders Process Same-Day
• Free Shipping on All Orders
• Best In-Class Education
• Customer Service Team On-Call to Help With All Needs
• Exclusive Events For Brand Partners and Salon & Spa Customers


  • Founder and CEO

    A 10-year leader in e-commerce, Shmuly set out to bridge the gap between beauty brands and their inconsistent messaging on e-commerce. His mission remains to tell brand stories the right way on e-comm marketplaces, taking great pride in putting all possible resources into best representing beauty brands—the way they deserve. In his off time, he plays tennis and pursues a journey of meditation and self-improvement.

    Shmuly Ainsworth

  • Director of Salon Sales

    Marshal joins Sayn with over
    ten years of experience in marketing and sales strategy, specifically focused on the professional beauty industry. Having been raised by a hairdresser, Marshal followed his mother’s footsteps into beauty and trained to become a stylist. His career pivoted to that of a Salon Director, giving him exposure to the business side of the professional industry. With a history with brands such as KEVIN.MURPHY and Aveda,
    Marshal spent a large portion of his career acting as brand manager, covering sales, marketing, and education strategies, and has extensive
    experience in graphic and web design.

    Marshal Hartman

  • Director of Education

    With a career spanning over 15
    years, David comes to Sayn with a broad and in-depth understanding of the impact that education and sound technical theory makes on the career of a stylist. Previously having worked with KEVIN.MURPHY and Davines in brand management end educational positions, David joins Sayn as the Director of Education, overseeing our team of Freelance Educators, and writing the curriculum delivered to salons.

    David Groupe

  • Brand Development Manager

    Erika Natoli, hailing from Italy but rooted in Miami for over a decade, is a seasoned Brand Development Manager at SAYN PRO. With extensive experience in business-to-business sales, particularly within the personal care industry, Erika excels at crafting luxury experiences for wholesale clients. At SAYN PRO, renowned for its emphasis on luxury, Erika spearheads strategic initiatives to elevate the purchasing journey for salons, spas, and retailers, leveraging her market insight and knack for forging meaningful connections to drive success in the beauty industry.

    Erika Natoli

  • Chief Merchandising Officer

    While a beauty-obsessed
    persona is not essential, it has greatly contributed to Brittany's success in nurturing high-end luxury brands and helping them reach their
    maximum potential. Her unwavering dedication to the world of luxury beauty started long before she pursued studies in retail merchandising
    and product development. With her deep-rooted passion and extensive expertise, she possesses a holistic understanding of the essential
    connections required to cultivate and elevate beauty brands within the pro beauty ecosystem.

    Brittany Ainsley

  • Chief Operations Officer

    With over 25 years of
    experience in Operations spanning across Transportation, Retail, B2B,
    and DTC e-commerce, Shanann has honed her expertise to deliver impactful
    results and innovative solutions. Shannon’s tenaciousness finds its
    greatest strength in collaboration. She has a remarkable knack for
    building the structural foundations within organizations, seamlessly
    turning them into efficient and unified entities.

    Shanann Heaton

  • Customer Satisfaction Manager

    Possessing a strong client service background, Batya has excelled in the Customer Service Industry for over a decade. She has succeeded in customer service management for high end fashion brands and two luxury timepiece companies. Never one to shy away from a good challenge, Batya will go the extra mile (or two) to ensure her teammates and customers are always treated right! Her extraordinary commitment to each and every individual truly epitomizes what Customer Service is all about. Born and raised in the sunshine state, Batya loves spending time exploring the great outdoors together with her family and pack of dogs (you can never have too many

    Batya Meneses

  • Warehouse Manager manny@saynbeauty.com

    As an FIU Business School Graduate, Manuel has found success as a frontline leader in several fortune 500 companies. With a work ethic and character derived from his immigrant parents, he has compiled varying experiences in retail, customer service, inventory, and leadership.
    His inspiration comes from his wife and daughter, and says, “I’m a big believer in luck; I find the harder I work, the more of it I have.”

    Manny Gonzalez

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