pH Laboratories

Pure Straight - Salon Kit

The pure straight professional straightening treatment, with soy protein and macadamia oil is the ideal solution for those who want to transform their hair from frizzy, curly, wavy and rebellious to straight and silky, with a long-lasting straight hair set. Restores and softens the hair fiber. It gives body, hydration, softness and vitality to dry and damaged hair, to make it visibly brighter, more resistant and bouncier. After the treatment, the hair will finally be tamed, smooth and silky.

This Kit includes:

  • 1 Pure straight Pre Treatment Shampoo (33.8 oz)
  • 1 Pure Straight Active Creme Treatment (16.9 oz)
  • 1 Pure Straight Post Treatment Mask (33.8 oz)
STEP 1 - Shampoo with Pure Straight Pre Treatment Shampoo Allow the shampoo to process for 1 minute before rinsing from the hair.
STEP 2 - Shampoo with Pure Straight Pre Treatment Shampoo Repeat the shampoo a second time to ensure that the hair is fully cleansed. Allow the shampoo to process for 2-3 minutes before rinsing from the hair.
STEP 3 - Rough Dry Dry the hair to 75%
STEP 4 - Apply Pure Straight Active Cream Treatment Divide the hair into 4 sections. Apply the creme with a brush, strand by strand and massage thoroughly until the hair is soft and hydrated to the touch. Maintain a distance of 5 mm off the scalp. Comb and stretch the locks with a tail comb to remove excess product that may be deposited.
STEP 5 - Process Process the hair in vertical position for 40 minutes. If resistant, place the head under a heat source throughout processing times.
STEP 6 - Lightly Rinse Rinse quickly, for 5 seconds at the most, to eliminate excess product and reduce the formation of smoke during the straightening process.
STEP 7 - Dry Dry and style the hair straight with a blowdryer and brush
STEP 8 - Thermal activate Use the straightener 6-10 times, at 410-445 °F, depending on the structure of the hair. On the roots carry out the passage in traction, do not dwell on the tips.
STEP 9 - Rinse Rinse thoroughly from the hair and towel dry.
STEP 10 - Mask Apply Pure Straight Post Treatment Mask to the head and massage into the hair. Allow to process for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
STEP 11 - Style