Mason Pearson

Styling Comb C4

The Styling Comb boasts the renowned Mason Pearson combination of style and efficacy. This medium-sized comb is designed to massage the scalp and evenly distribute product and natural oils through the hair. It has been engineered with both narrow and wider teeth to style all hair types.
Use the Meson perason Styling Comb C4 to detangle and style your hair effortlessly. Achieve sleek and polished hairstyles with the precision of the Meson perason Styling Comb C4.

the mason pearson styling comb is hand-crafted for sumptuous style with the following specifications:


fabricated in cellulose acetate plastic
finished in tortoiseshell tones
elegantly embedded with the mason pearson logo in hot foil.


length 6.25 inches / 16 cm
width 0.1 inches / 0.4 cm