Mason Pearson

Pocket Boar Bristle Brush B4

Created with five rings of tufts for a smaller, but just as effective brushing experience, a Pocket Boar Bristle is your perfect travel companion that can easily be packed into your handbag, laptop bag or even a child’s change bag.

Pocket Boar Bristle Brush B4 for convenient on-the-go hair styling.

this hairbrush is handcrafted with the following specifications:

rubber cushion: dry natural rubber (dnr).
handle and base: cellulose acetate plastic.
bristles: boar bristle tufts. as a natural product, boar bristles may vary between hairbrushes, but we take every step to ensure the quality and consistency of our brushes.
logo: elegantly embedded with hot foil


length: 6.75 inches / 17.1cm
width: 2 inches / 5.08 cm
head: 3.5 inches / 8.89cm