King Klaws Acetate

4 pack - cellulose acetate - tortoise shell

The KING of effortlessly chic updos!

Tell me more: Say hello to your new go-to hair accessory! Thanks to their size and high quality, eco-friendly acetate material, Framar’s King Klaws are sure to rule this trendy TikTok style with an iron grip in 2023.

  • Framar’s acetate claw clips come in 4 stunning neutral toned color variations, complimenting all hair types and an endless amount of hairstyles.
  • With their powerful metal springs and small inner teeth, these claw clips are carefully crafted to combine form and function, working hard to hold your hair up all day long so you don’t have to!
  • When it comes to holding thick, curly hair, we believe size matters. The acetate King Klaws are 5 inches in length, allowing them to reign over any unruly mane!
  • These luxurious clips are made from high quality, Cellulose Acetate material, which is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic materials. 
Framer King Klaws Acetate: Premium acetate frames crafted for durability and style.