Apres Nail

Gel Couleur - Royal Stamp

Aprés Gel Couleur is gel polish elevated. Aprés Gel Couleur offers a smooth, highly pigmented formula that provides amazing color payoff. But Gel Couleur takes it a step further by also providing the perfect tool along with the perfect color. Included is our completely revolutionary in-bottle Brush-X that is both a convenient tool for pros and a helpful aid for DIYers. Made from PBT fibers, Brush-X has the same dense and compact feel of a Japanese nail art brush.

Size:: 0.5 oz

- After prepping the natural nail and applying the base coat, apply a layer of APRES GEL COULEUR then cure for 30 sec LED.
- Follow with a second coat, curing for 30 sec LED. Finish with the Après Non-Wipe Top Gelcoat.
- When applying on Gel-X Tips, NO base coat is needed.