Painted Hair Color Design Workshop

are so many balayage videos and classes out there that it is easy to
get confused on how to make the right choice for the result you are
trying to achieve. This class is designed to give you the why and the
how to achieve consistent and predictable results when you are hand
painting a client every time.


took everything we know about Painting hair, threw it in a blender to
deliver you and amazing experience that will grow your business as a
blonding expert.


will spend the class interacting, breaking down the science and skills
needed to create beautiful hand painted results, and then take our
knowledge and apply it to someone’s head.


70% of all color clients receive blonding services. However, there are
so many different avenues to lightening hair that all the white noise
can make understanding hand painting services intimidating. This course
is designed to help you make educated decisions every time you stand
behind your clients chair!

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