Faciliation Business Workshop

you really wanting to share your knowledge with your circle of stylist
friends or possibly considering working with a brand to become a brand
specialist but have never stood up in front of a group of people to
deliver a class. This class teaches you skills on how to lead a room and
deliver an effective class or workshop.


took everything we know about facilitation and public speaking, threw
it in a blender to deliver you an amazing experience that will help you
deliver information like an expert.


will spend the class breaking down effective habits to leading a group
meeting or class, and practice our new skills with live constructive


to 75% of all people have a fear of public speaking. However it is a
valuable skillset for anyone who is in the business of people, whether
you are a business owner, stylist, or a wannabe educator this will give
you the skills you need to be more effective in front of a group of

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