Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Hair & Scalp Care Discovery Course

Barbara Sturm’s MOLECULAR HAIR & SCALP COLLECTION combines healthy
hair care with professional performance, using ingredient science-based
clean and innovative botanical based formulations that are uniquely
targeted at supporting the scalp’s ecosystem.


discovery will give you all of the knowledge you need to use DR BARBARA
STURM products in your salon and to give the best take home
prescriptions to your clients.


this discovery we will work through a presentation giving you all the
need-to-knows about the formulas, and have an opportunity to experience
these products in our own hair.


believe having a team full of stylists who are knowledgeable about the
tools they are using creates a better experience for clients and for the
stylists alike. Get the results you need and improve your bottom line
by making intentional and informed retail prescriptions.

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