Covered Hair Color Design Workshop

come with a set of instructions on how to make a cake but they don’t
really teach you how to bake. Hair Color comes with manufacturer's
instructions but they don’t teach you how to color. This class dives
deep into how all the parts and components of hair color work together
to make you a more intentional colorist.


took everything we know about hair color, threw it in a blender to
deliver you and amazing experience that will grow your business as a
color expert.


will spend the class interacting, breaking down the science and skills
needed to create custom hair color, and then take our knowledge and
apply it to someone’s head.


50% of women color their hair. However, there are so many different
avenues to coloring hair that all the white noise can make understanding
color services intimidating. This course is designed to help you make
educated decisions every time you stand in front of the color bar!

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