Chop Chop Customized Cutting Design Workshop

No elitism. No pretension. Just cutting you can take to your salon and
use. We’ll work with your team to create a hands on cutting class to
suit your specific needs for a cutting class.


We work with your salon to create a custom workshop to meet your needs
based on foundations learned in our popular CHOP CHOP and BROKEN


We spend our time together reviewing some foundations of cutting theory
and then apply it to creating the cut design of your choice.


Sometimes as specialists we have a very specific clientele needs, sometimes
trends come out of no where and overwhelm us, sometimes we’re just not
hitting certain marks. Whatever YOUR why is, we’re here to sort it out
together to make your team stronger and more intentional behind the chair.

Ready to schedule your class? Use the button below to book an education and scheduling meeting, or call 866-404-4PRO!