Apres Nail

Gel X Box of Tips: Sculpted Square - Medium (500pcs)

Get ready to experience the tips that revolutionized the industry. One box includes 50 pcs of 10 sizes, total of 500 pieces. All of our Gel-X™ tips are carefully molded from our patented soft gel formula to provide the most comfortable and lightweight nail enhancements on the market. Just as easy to use as it is easy to wear, our Gel-X™ tips are applied with our Après Extend Gel and can provide 4+ weeks of beautiful, strong nail extensions. Made of soft gel, Gel-X™ can be quickly soaked off with acetone, reducing the dangers of overfiling or harmful chemicals.

  • Style: Sculpted
  • Shape: Square
  • Length: Medium

Our Sculpted line has a higher apex and a deeper C curve, meant for either clients with a curved nail bed or a Natural client who prefers the look of a Sculpted Gel-X Tip.

Properly size the nail. Manually file the cuticle edge of the tip to make any necessary adjustments.
Dehydrate the nail plate with pH Bonder.
Create a tacky layer for Extend Gel to adhere to using Acid-Free Gel Primer.
Apply a thin layer of selected Extend Gel to surface of the natural nail plate and cure.
Scrub Gel-X Prep onto the underside of the tip to create a tacky surface for Extend Gel to adhere to.
Apply a bead of selected Extend Gel to the underside of the tip, and place tip on natural nail and flash cure.
Fully cure for 30 seconds, and use a file to clean up the cuticle edge; proceed with Gel Couleur or Aer Gel application, if desired.